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Why Partner with Paydby?

Paydby makes shared events and projects simpler for you and more streamlined for your event attendees.

It’s easy for event costs to get complicated and overwhelming for individuals, but that’s where Paydby comes in. Paydby is the app that makes achieving group financial goals faster, easier and more enjoyable for your event attendees. The mobile app provides a platform for groups to plan, collaborate, meet goal milestones together in one place. Paydby encourages budgeting and financial planning in a positive and collaborative way, making it easier for groups to attend your event together.

Use Paydby to create a better event experience for more people. They’ll love you for it. 

  • Reduce the financial barriers for individuals

  • Improve the accessibility of your event

  • Encourage group registrations

  • Create a more streamlined event experience

Let’s work together. Discover your bespoke solution today.