The Why Behind Paydby

At Paydby, we wanted to develop a platform that creates a positive and achievable way to meet your financial goals. Finances can become a messy and complicated topic that few people are comfortable to talk about - especially when you add the complexity of group finances. Nobody wants to be the petty one, hassling others. And no one wants to be the one late to pay their expenses because they didn’t budget their spending well. 

Many individuals juggle their expenses on their own, while their surrounding networks are often unaware and unable to help. We want to change that. 

Paydby was launched in 2019, because we wanted to create a platform that enables individuals to plan and budget for events and trips, in a collaborative, positive and empowering way. We wanted to reduce the stigma and negativity around financial planning and goal setting, by creating a way for individuals to work together in their own networks. 

So we created Paydby, the mobile financing app that makes it easy for groups working towards an event to plan, track and achieve their financial goals. Paydby is about achieving together with friends, in a motivating, social and uplifting way.

Why not join us as we empower groups to work together to achieve their financial goals? Download Paydby for free today. 

Matt Mcnamee