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Collaborate together on hobbies, projects or event goals. Connect with friends, create goals and milestones and keep others accountable within the app. With highly secure connection to individual bank and credit card facilities, everything is in one place, making achieving goals together the simplest it’s ever been.

Pricing & Refund Policies

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Connect With Friends

Stay connected with friends and accomplish your goals together. Paydby keeps everything in one place and makes shared events and projects simple for everyone.

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Simplify Your Shared Goals

Track milestones and maintain transparency, simplifying your group financial goals on one platform. Highly secure connection to individual bank and credit card facilities makes achieving together the easiest it’s ever been.

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Encourage Group Accountability

Easily keep everyone accountable and stay up to date with any changes to financial goals. Work together with friends to make planning for projects or events easy and achievable.

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“This app is going to open up a world of possibilities for people to collaborate and achieve financial goals. I’m excited by it for sure!”

- Rob Beach, CEO Hillsong Technology